Paragliding is the easiest way to hover in the sky over the Madeira island, it does not require any experience or knowledge, just need the spirit and the strength of will .

A calm flight with the wind beating in the face with magnificent views, in a silence as in a dream without the deck of the engines. As free as a bird hovering in the air, there is only the sound of the wind and the Atlantic ocean.
Instructor provided by the company MADEIRA FREERIDE (licensed agency in the radical tourism).


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For availability inquiries and bookings, contact us.
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MadeiraThe Autonomous Region of Madeira is one of the autonomous regions of Portugal, corresponding  territorially to Madeira archipelago, the nearest maritime neighbor is the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands, located on the coast of Morocco in Africa. However, Madeira is  an all-European archipelago. The region is endowed with political and administrative autonomy through the Read more

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