Paintball it’s a team game, shooting game with paint bullets, which burst open with shock releasing ink,  and leaves marks. Paintball is a war game where you can test your skills!

In this game can participate children over 10 years, but in this case will be provided weaker weapons and weaker bullets. Player who was shot and the ball left and scored with the ink is considered a hit player and has to leave the battle zone. It is prohibited to remove the mask in the battle zone. Recharging of weapons is done before and after the rounds of battles in a neutral area, it’s prohibited shoot in the neutral area. Follow the safety rules, this will make your rest safe and unforgettable.

There are several battles, wars or houses not only the adrenaline but also gain a stronger sense of self confidence. Accompanied by Madeira PAINTBALL instructor (licensed agency in radical tourist area).

Reservation is made 2 days in advance, with 50 € safe, refunded in the day of the game.

Minimum number of players is 6.


For availability inquiries and bookings, contact us.

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For availability inquiries and bookings, contact us.
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